Our company is out of date cooperating with other business entities, such as:

  • stationary GSM points and kiosks
  • insurance companies
  • hotels and restaurants
  • all other organizations

We are happy to provide services as:


Currently, we support small sales points of GSM accessories and kiosks in the operation, we liquidate damage under insurance for the leading market leaders of insurance companies; We serve clients of renowned hotels and restaurants.

first contact service

We currently support many organizations, such as companies and institutions with whom we sign a long-term contract for the service of iPhones for employees of these organizations.

uptime of products and services

We are open to all other possible forms of cooperation. We are also interested in the possibility of up-selling by our service technicians products and services that in some way would complement our services, provided that the product or service meets our quality requirements and will be consistent with our company’s philosophy.


We invite you to cooperate with service technicians and owners of GSM service points (in particular those specializing in the iPhone brand). Our company is able to provide the highest quality goods, know-how and help in gaining customers. Currently our franchise offer is directed to residents of towns with between 10,000 and 200,000 inhabitants.

Work at

Contact with us is free. We are constantly recruiting and training iPhone phone service technicians!

To engage in cooperation discussions, please contact us.